Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Guest Post With Michelle Flick

Hi all, and congrats again to everyone who survived the A-Z challenge.  

Tomorrow, May 3rd, I’m guest positing about my experience with critique groups on Michelle Flick’s fabulous blog.  If you're interested into getting involved with critique groups, check it out.  
First Wednesday of the month is my author interview day, but since I'm currently in San Diego, and the month prior to this was quite hectic, I was not able to do a new interview.  Check out my previous interviews with Megan Derr and John Blackport, and be on the look out for a new author interview next month. 

Megan Derr:  Writer gay male romance, mostly fantasy, along with a few stories set in a very clever approximation of the regency era.   She also runs her own publishing house, Less Than Three Press.  

John Blackport: Writer of a historical style fantasy series about a soldier's struggle to come to terms with the evil his government has done. 

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